May 9, 2016

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You’ve spent good money on your website, slick brochures, and branding. The problem is, no one’s buying what you’re selling.

At times, it seems like prospective clients don’t even understand what it is you do.

Sound familiar? You’re not alone.

Times have changed. Consumer habits have changed. Has your marketing communication kept up?

You can have content that is rich with information, knowledgeable and articulate, that will never be read if packaged incorrectly.

With sterile language and uninspired images, key company messages are never getting to their intended audience.

Brochures get tossed. Emails go unread. Prospects yawn and reach for the delete key faster than you can say “buy my stuff.”


The hard truth: Perfect grammar and sentence construction can still amount to yawn-inducing writing if it fails to connect with readers.

Irresistible content, on the other hand, combines consumer psychology, sales know-how and proven copywriting tactics to jolt readers into action.

(That’s where I come in.)

I’m Terra Fine. I specialize in writing engaging content, the kind that grabs attention and builds trust. I can help you craft copy that deepens connections with your clients and puts money in your pocket. Sound good to you?

Yes! I Need a Professional!

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You’ve already invested heavily in your marketing efforts.

Don’t waste that investment and lose yet another prospect by skimping on the words.

Let’s take things to the next level, transforming your website from a resource drain to consistent revenue source.