5 Phrases That Kill Artistic Creativity in Your Child-Terra Fine

5 Phrases That Kill Artistic Creativity in Your Child

  Children are born creative artists. They are curious, bold, and uninhibited. If nurtured, this creativity and love of artistic exploration will continue into adulthood. Unfortunately, this flame is all too easy to extinguish. Creativity is having fresh ideas, insights and innovations. All aspects of life can be enhanced by thinking creatively, business, spiritual, personal. Within[…]

Nature Table Ideas by Terra Fine

How to Design a Nature Table Your Kids Will Love

Every child is born with an innate love of nature. With awe and wonder, they will dance with butterflies, marvel at the buzzing of bees, and giggle at the antics of a squirrel. Mother Nature offers an irresistible array to the senses. What child can resist picking up souvenirs as they walk along? Rocks, bird’s nests, seed[…]

Expressions Swing promotes bonding and attunement with your child

Can this Unique Swing Increase Bonding and Love?

While exploring Charleston for fun playgrounds to unleash my preschoolers, we stumbled upon a style of swing I had never seen before. How unique can a swing be, you may ask. You sit on it, pump your legs, and let physics do the rest. This swing had two seats, one bucket-style seat for your little one[…]