3 Components of Creativity (infographic)

3 Components of Creativity [Infographic]

The word creativity brings up strong associations. When you envision a “creative” person who do you see? A painter, deep and brooding, lost in his canvas? A scientist on the verge of discovery, disheveled and slightly crazed? An eccentric musician, with the power to move you with his songs? Who you probably didn’t envision was a[…]

5 Phrases That Kill Artistic Creativity in Your Child-Terra Fine

5 Phrases That Kill Artistic Creativity in Your Child

  Children are born creative artists. They are curious, bold, and uninhibited. If nurtured, this creativity and love of artistic exploration will continue into adulthood. Unfortunately, this flame is all too easy to extinguish. Creativity is having fresh ideas, insights and innovations. All aspects of life can be enhanced by thinking creatively, business, spiritual, personal. Within[…]